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Creative Director,

Olufisayo Bakare

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In the Beginning

A number of people who make inquiries seldom know who is behind the brand, or why it even exists. In the next few minutes, we will help demystify things.


On the eve of Independence day, 2016, our founder, Olufisayo Bakare, knew the routine of Lagos all too well. The country was no longer ignorant of the recession it had sunken into, but one thing was certain- FLAGS! Celebratory flags (like Father Christmas hats during Christmas festivities) were going to decorate the town in the most patriotic manner. As like clock work, they will disappear by the second day of the month. Bakare was keen on changing this narrative, especially in for Lagos.


She was in her design studio, fully aware that Lagos was neither a green nor a white state. By virtue of the public transportation system (Danfos, Kekes and taxis), she was sure that the colour that ought to be adopted by the city is Yellow. What started as a spark led to a campaign, which later took on a life of its own. Over 10,000 followers later, the rest they say, is history.


By October 12, she secured a dilapidated Keke. The vehicle was so run down, its engine no longer functioned. She knew she had to put her theory to the test and embarked on a tangent that transformed what was once a write off, into a state of the art photo-booth, which has popped up over 20 times across the city. Bent on changing the narrative of Lagosians, and by extension, Nigeria, Ms. Bakare takes on challenges that inspire and awaken the community at large.



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    April 11, 2017

    So proud seeing you live out your dream! You may not know it but you have built a brand that keeps everyone on their toes. Well done!

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