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Olufisayo Bakare

Recent Posts

2021 Projects

We have 3 initiatives that are great undertakings and we hope that they will change the way we interact and preserve our culture and professional practice as creatives.

Having been deprived of social interactions in 2020, this project aims to bring the Lagos experience to life. Inspired by the bustling city, we are looking to lace the electrifying city with immersive installations that the general public can take pictures in. This project will be on a rolling basis, appearing at various destinations across Lagos.

Following the #EndSARS protests that took place nationwide in October, there were glaring signs of ways in which Nigeria’s educational system could affect positive change in the minds of the next generation. History, being reintroduced into the curriculum sets the premise for the framework of this dialogue. With the historical excepts found in 'The A-Z of Lagos' book, we create an enabling environment for the rehabilitation, documentation, and effective dissemination of Nigerian history into a thousand classrooms.

400 years after the Transatlantic Slave Trade, we are going back through the human trade routes to connect the dots and balance dialogue commonly glossed over. This project has been a long time coming and it is the legacy we are leaving to a generation of inquisitive scholars brave enough to ask the right questions and seek knowledge that has been otherwise hidden in plain sight.


Endless Possibilities

Each initiative starting in 2020 aims to create cultural ambassadors and aficionados across Lagos, Nigeria and the diaspora. Empowering inquisitive minds is our thing and we truly believe that each undertaking will shape the cultural landscape of Nigeria.