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Wine & Dine


Wine & Dine

Follow along as we eat our way through Lagos. We have supper clubs popping up across the city. Be sure to sign up for a gastronomic experience near you.


Full Flavour

We tell you the best places to eat, to get bang for your buck. Whether you feel like you want a quick snack or a seven-course experience, we sift through the city to bring you the best experiences.


Market Hop

Since we love food so much, we bring you the best local markets to add flavor to your culinary palette.


Buying Local is Better

Local markets are great places to come in direct contact with the warmth and hospitality of Lagosians, and the vibrance in their personalities. The markets are unifiers, and they are extremely colourful, all the while being organized in the most chaotic fractions. It sounds like an oxymoron until you visit the markets.

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Cultural Institutions

The Central Historic District of Lagos is formally known as Isale Eko, or downtown Lagos. In Eko, you will find a plethora of the nation’s architectural artifacts, the remnants of the city’s formative administration, and architectural edifices that are indicative of the British colonial rule.

Corridors of History

Museums house sacred artifacts and relics of importance. First on the list is the National Museum of Nigeria. Various chambers are separated between traditional practices, festivals, musical instruments, fertility omens, and the like.


The Sights and Sounds of Lagos

The Lekki Conservation center is a great point of interest in Lagos.

It boasts of having the longest canopy walk in Africa, with a 401-meter span.

The 2-kilometer board walk on ground level offers amazing rain-forest vibes,

bird-watching opportunities, peacock sightings, and the friendliest

monkeys that will strike a pose for your cameras.