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Art & Town Tour

Lagos has always been an iconic amalgam of creativity, history, culture, and lustre. With more conversations opening up about art, the ART & TOWN TOUR aims to add to the existing dialogue and encourage more millennial travelers to be art enthusiasts.


We are passionate locals and art-insiders who have affiliates in the local art community. TYOL aims to tell interesting stories about Nigerian art and the makers behind them.


A Seat At the Table

When we establish human connections within the context of a shared experience, we create magic. Within a community of like minded individuals, this carefully curated brunch experience sets the table for a minimum of twenty strangers to not only eat, but discuss trending topics from pop-culture to politics. A SEAT AT THE TABLE aims to bring about conversations over a peaceful dining experience, coupled with something for all the five senses.


Games Night

Lagos can be a hectic place to live and work in. Although events pop up every now and again, GAMES NIGHT is particularly tailored to keep things exciting. Similarly tailored after the SEAT AT THE TABLE event, this sister-event  exists to make fresh connections between strangers.


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Lagosian Mythology

The myths of a people are an indicator of their philosophy. In rebranding Lagos, an acknowledgement of the anthropological theories behind the city’s origin is a good historical start. As Africans are a very colourful people, the colour theory of branding is a veritable tool in rebranding Africa’s biggest city. Like a multicoloured entity, Lagos is a variegated city hosting one of the most diverse populations in Africa.

The History of Lagos

Migration is an essential narrative in the mythology of the origin of Lagos - the journey motif and search for identity is central to the narrative. Folklore has it that Olofin, the Ile-Ife Prince set out on a journey through the waters guided by a floating plate handed to him by his father, Oduduwa, with which he explored the region. The plate is said to have stopped at various locations and finally sank at Idumota in the present day Lagos State in Nigeria.

Visionary Symbolism

By rebranding Lagos, we are visionaries; we transcend the visible and obviously feasible to the seemingly impossible as we challenge the boundaries of innovation in urban development in the megacity. The Yellow of Lagos symbolizes the optimism required to challenge the status quo and breakthrough into the realm of innovative imagination in city development.

Transportation Art

By its very essence, Lagos is a mobile city, the most fast paced city in Nigeria and one of the most fast paced in Africa. By this, transportation is a definitive feature of Lagos. Transportation is a symbolic depiction of the connect, capture and create trilogy as it is indicative of a journey from the past to the present to the possible. By improving on the art of travel, we redefine Lagos.

Yellow is the colour of travel in Lagos.